Minding-20 over COVID-19

Where it begins

The outbreak of COVID-19 started in the end of 2019, when Taiwanese government took immediate actions. Central Epidemic Command Center was formed to monitor and control the disease from spreading in the island. While battling the pandemic, mental health is as vital as physical health when it comes to sustaining a balanced life. We hope to promote the importance of mental health by organizing activities and becoming a information hub during this difficult time, helping everyone in the fight against COVID-19. 



There are a lot of people dedicating time and effort to protect our beautiful island during COVID-19 pandemic. Because of their sacrifice, citizens are still able to enjoy a little more freedom to breath. We owe those people a big thanks! 

Upload photo or video on Facebook/Instagram, hashtag #pilgrimage #mindovercovid19. Say your appreciation out loud! 

Strengthen Your Mind

How to stay positive during quarantine? 

  • Choose reliable source for information; 

  • Maintain your daily life/routine; 

  • Stay connected with others; 

  • Listen and follow your heart.  

Mind over COVID-19

Spreading the positive vibe through space and time

Connect each and every one

Share and spread the appreciation

Warm and thaw the connected hearts

It's not the end but only the beginning

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About Us

Mental Health Association in Taiwan

Healthy life starts with a healthy mind
Mental health is a basic human right
It's our responsibility to promote

to bring everyone together

to creating a society  that acknowledge

the indispensable nature of mental health